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ALUPRA is able to fabricate many different types of windows, depending on the scope and specific requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglary resistance, smoke control or fire resistance.


ALUPRA doors are designed to open up the outdoor environment that compliments your living space. The simple, modern style features profiles that increase glass size to optimize a door’s viewing area. Robust doors come with the best weather sealing and thermal performances next to a wide range of safety solutions. Express your personal design with various profile designs or aluminium panel doors.


Fixed windows are available in a modern profile and an ultra-slim look with superior insulating capabilities which create perfect harmony between durable materials, clean design and architectural challenges. These beautifully designed windows can transform the appearance of any space, making it warmer, brighter and more inviting.


Sliding doors effortlessly combine state-of-the-art performance with aesthetics. Our industry-leading and technically advanced solutions are perfect for a room with a view. Our folding doors with smooth and reliable operation have the flexibility to combine sensible practicality with sleek and modern aesthetics that make a design statement.


Our systems are used to fabricate glass façades of buildings such as banks, hotels, administration offices, office buildings, car showrooms, etc. They are also used for multiple spatial structures and roof glazing that light the interior and create a suitable atmosphere and comfort to its users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing designers’ bold visions. The most popular among these products are the mullion-transom systems.


Roller shutters are simple system that combines aesthetics and functionality. To save energy in winter and avoid excessive heating up in summer, use our external roller shutters. External roller shutters help to reduce yearly energy costs up to 30%. Also, our used system is certified as burglar-resistant.


A wide range of systems offered by ALUPRA facilitate a variety of structural elements that are responsible for “fire protection zones” in buildings, and provide the right conditions for evacuation of its occupants. These solutions include both a window wall & door system option, extending to a typical curtain wall system solution. The fire resistance performance of these solutions are available from as low as EI15 (15 minutes) up to a an EI120 (2 hours).


ALUPRA used aluminium systems include a wide range of solutions to improve the safety of buildings thanks to the increased resistance to burglary. Some of these products provide the highest level of safety available in the market.

Who are we?

ALUPRA is a professional Lithuanian manufacturer of innovative and sustainable aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and security systems. Driven by energy-efficiency and the willingness to take responsibility for the environment.

Using our superior products and unique perspective, we help you re-imagine how a space can look, feel and function. With a variety of collections and customization options, we’ve got reliable products that create the style you’re trying to achieve.

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